We are a team of healthcare professionals with a passion for development & healing. We believe that people develop in the context of relationships and we aim to strengthen the relationships that our clients have with themselves and others. 

We aim to offer a range of services at the Hub of Hope.

- Individual, couple & family therapy

- Play therapy

- Trauma therapy & acute trauma response for organisations

- Speech therapy (coming soon)

- Occupational therapy (coming soon)

- Psychiatric consult (bookings open. Please email admin@hubofhopeltd.com)

If you feel like this is a team you would like to be part of, please contact us. Similarly, if you feel like this is a team that could journey with you and your whanau, please contact us!


+64 21 742 157

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East Auckland, New Zealand

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Who are we?

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"The strongest among us are those that can reach for others"

Dr Sue Johnson