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10 Week Program

Upcoming Dates: 16 October 2023 - 11 December 2023


The 10 week program (excl public holiday) 10 x 60 minute sessions and will be facilitated at Macleans Primary School. (Incl GST)


What is Brick Club?

The Brick Club aims to provide a safe space where children can learn, develop and grow through fun experiences in team-based activities.  This space can be particularly valuable for children who struggle with anxiety, social interactions and/or feel emotionally overwhelmed, where they can experience a sense of unconditional acceptance, belonging and connection as they navigate the process of developing the skills and confidence to overcoming their challenges.  LEGO® fans are invited to participate in these social opportunities where they can develop skills, such as collaborating, communicating, problem-solving, making decisions, turn taking and working together, and through this process, they have the potential to build meaningful friendships, in a safe environment that supports developing confidence, improving self-esteem, and experiencing a sense of belonging. 

"Opportunities to develop social skills and emotional regulation through fun and playful experiences"

Happy family playing after Brick Club 10 week program


Experienced Psychologist

Roxanne Fick is a Psychologist in Private Practice working with children and adolescents, who experience a range of challenges and difficulties.

Certified Brick-by-Brick Programme Facilitator


Meet Your Child's Goals

Parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire before starting the Brick Club program.  The information you share with me from the questionnaire will be kept confidential, and helps me to understand what your child’s interests, strengths and support needs might be.  You will also be asked to set some specific goals of what you hope for your child to achieve from attending the Brick Club.  Should you wish to discuss any details or information regarding your child, we can schedule a consultation appointment, which is charged at the usual Hub of Hope hourly consultation rate. Each individual participant will therefore have specific goals, and progress toward these goals are assessed regularly with regular feedback shared with both parent(s) and child.  Children will have opportunities to receive rewards and certificates for progress made. 

Happy girl playing after Brick Club 10 week program


Brick Club

The Brick Club program is a 10 week program, with each session lasting 60 minutes in duration.  Your child will join a group, which comprises of a maximum of 3 children per group.  Each child will be given an opportunity to play all 3 roles, which includes being an Engineer, a Supplier and a Builder.  These roles offer opportunities for development of different types of skills needed to work in a team based activity. Skills development takes time and repetition, and it is therefore strongly recommended that participants commit to at least 10 sessions to begin to see the positive shifts in social and emotional wellbeing.  

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